Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day!

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a terrific day!  Well, I finally got the Father"s Day cards done.  I have three, but then I remembered that my husband follows my blog!  I do want his to be a surprise.  :)  So, we will show you the other two.

I used Kraft paper for the base.  Skylark, Cocoa and Colonial White papers.  Cocoa ink for the letters and also brushed it on the edges of everything.  The "DAD" is stamped with Marquee Uppercase Alphabet.  To give it a little something extra, Durables Studs.  These just happen to be it the "Extraordinary Embellishments Collection" that you can get with a qualifying purchase.  Only $30 for over $50 worth of product!  That is a great deal!

Hope you have a great weekend with your Dad's and Husband's.  Give them the love and affection they need and want, from both us Mom's and the kids!  This might help you out if you are not sure what to give Dad.  I found this on an blog, thought it was awesome!...

We dads want different things at different times:

1. 0-5 years old: we want "affection" from Mom and a big long bear hug from the kids.

2. 5-10 years old: we want  #1 and a handmade card from kids

3. 10-15 year old: we want #1, #2, and some chores done around the house.
4. 16-20 years old: We want #1,#2,#3 and Quality one-on one time (a ballgame, fishing, long walks, kayaking, boating) anything that will be memorable and shows love.
5. 21 and up: We want all the above and more time. Please invite us to spend time with you and your friends. Make us a part of your life, not just an afterthought or an obligation. Let’s travel together, dine together, and laugh together. Life is short, make it count.

Never give money! Never give gift cards. Don't buy some piece of junk. These are just insulting and meaningless.

If you must give a gift, other than stated above, look for what I already use and Upgrade.

Happy Father’s Day,


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