Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kid's Colored Bottles

Hello!  I hope you are having a great day!  "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!" (Psalm 118:24)

Today's post will be a little different.  A lot of people have commented on these little color water bottles that I made for my son.  I made them before he was one, he knew his colors by the time he was 18 months.  I have no idea if that is normal or not, just thought I would throw that out there.  :)  I am sure that it has nothing to do, with the fact that I said the color of everything that he touched, from the time he could sit.  LOL!

Okay, these are nothing special.  I asked my husband to save these little water bottles, he said "why?", I was like "well, I am sure I can make something with them!" and this is what I made.  This was the first set I made.  I just took scraps, cut them up and put them in the bottle.  Took a longer 1" strip and went around where the original label was.  I used a glue gun to adhere it.  Wrote the names of the colors on it with a marker and DONE!  As far as I know, this is my original idea.  I have not looked to see if someone else has done it and have no plans to.  I like thinking that I did something no one else has. :)

I do have a tip!  Write on the paper before you put it on the bottle. :)  I have made a few more sets, to give as gifts.  I actually used a letter stencil! (it looks a lot better!).  Oh, I also glued the cap on.  We don't those little kiddos swallowing the cap!

That is about all I have for today!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Now my son will enjoy shaking and tossing them!  Have a blessed day!

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