Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Framed - For You & Thanks!

Hi everyone!  These were inspired by the wonderful people, who teach my child, on Wednesday nights.  My son is very good.  He is two and a half and has his moments, but for the most part, very good.  When I work on Wednesday nights at my church, my son goes to class.  Lately, he has been having a little challenge with separation.  These teachers have been so patient and such a blessing, I wanted to let them know how much they are appreciated.
I used Cranberry & Honey inks - Gold Shimmer Trim & embellishments.
Now, there is a story as to why I chose the sun for a little card.  Okay, I will tell you!
One of the evenings, my son cried from the time I put him in class, until I picked him up, about two hours later.  Yep, the whole time.  I was in contact with them throughout the process.  One of the teachers took the one on one time with him, so I could do what I was there for, help other parents get their children checked into class.  I want her to know that she was a bright spot, in a not so bright situation.
I hope you are blessed with wonderful people in your life as well.  Thank you for stopping by!

Remember: God loves you & Jesus is Lord!

See you soon!

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