Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthday - Chocolate Bar

Sometimes the vision of you have, does not exactly come out the way you had planned...

 This card is for a young lady who likes chocolate.  Now, my vision was to create a chocolate bar.  It may look more like a window.  HaHa!  :)

I wasn't even going to send it, but then I thought, it is still a cute card...Why not!

I just took paper with texture and a white core and sanded it a little.

I cut out smaller pieces.  Stamped on them and "popped" them up with Pop-Ups.  This is to give it the look of "Fancy" Chocolate!  Did it work?  :)

Hey, there are a lot of times you just have to roll with it, right?!

Hope you enjoyed it!  Take a risk and try something new!  You never know what could happen!

Have a great day!

Remember: God loves yo and Jesus is Lord!

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