Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thanks - Hand in the Cookie Jar!

Hi there!  Today is really a continuation of the last post.  It is for "Grandma"!
After it was all over, I realized how much she catered to us.  She actually cooked for us that Friday night.  She made this awesome stew with dumplings - YUM!!!  She also had both ginger and peanut butter cookies - WOW!

Pam, (the owner of the house and Grandma's daughter), says that she has cookies ready all the time, just in case someone stops by.

I thought this would be an appropriate card for her!  A cookie jar with a hand going toward it.  I added a little bakers twine, just for that little extra.  I wish I could see her face, when she opens it.

Pam, her husband and Grandma are all such a blessing.  That is what they call their house - The blessing house!

Maybe we can think of some ways, that we could bless someone today.  Sometimes it is as small as a smile, but it makes someones day!

God bless you!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Remember: God loves you and Jesus is Lord!

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