Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Father's Day - Wallet Card!

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Oh my golly!  Cricut Access has these awesome new Crazy Cute Cards!  I made one, for my husband, for Father's day!  A wallet - out of paper - how cool is that!

Red is his favorite color, so, that had to be part of it!

I am going to be putting pictures of my son in it and write, but I wanted you to see it before Father's Day!  I may add the totally finished product, later on.

UPDATED: Well, here it is!  This is the finished product!

There is even an envelope to go with it!  It was a bit interesting to put together.  You have to guess, as to how things go together.  It was still a fun one to do.
This is actually the first project I made on it - I love it already!

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