Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Candy Jar

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Hey everyone!  Here is something you can do with your spaghetti sauce jars!  It is really simple and a great gift for any occasion.

You can take paper and wrap it around the jar - I use a hot glue
gun, to secure it.  Then, you can use your Cricut to cut out the images you want to use.  I used Indie Art (strawberry) & From My Kitchen (candy sign) Cartridges to make my candy sign.

The one on the left has a cover of paper. Yeaaahh, that was not easy.  I think it took me, at least, 15 minutes to get that Bakers Twine around it!  It was an unnecessary test of my patience! ;)  I want to stay away from them!!!

As you can see, I did not do that, with the one on the right!  :)  In the future I will use fabric or nothing at all!
I took a thin piece of paper and put it on the lip of the jar and added Bakers Twine.  Now you can have them popping out the top!

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