Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Whoville Christmas...

Hi everyone!  Hope your Christmas shopping is going well - I just wanted to jump on here and tell you a little about a fun Christmas party my husband and I went to.  It was a Whoville Christmas Party... Now, when I heard the theme for this party, I knew I had to do something!  This kind of thing does not come around very often.  So, I got to work...

The sweater is from Goodwill and the skirt is from the Salvation Army.  Both were a cream color when I bought them.  I dyed both of them green - and starched the skirt (I might have ruined my iron 😏).  I also hung small ornaments from my skirt.  There were also a few in my hair!

I did not do my own hair and makeup!  That was done by a good friend of mine, Janine.  She does a fabulous job!  If you live near the Buffalo area in Minnesota, look her up at Salon 606 - She does hair, nails and makeup.

Janine also did my husbands hair and "makeup"😄!  He was such a trooper, he decided to grow his hair out for the occasion.  Right after our son was in bed - He had me shave it off!  He actually shaved his facial hair off as well.  He made a great Mayor of Whoville!!!

The party was for the Marriage Matters Group at our church.  It was a really fun night!  It did, however, take more time for us to get ready for the party, than the party lasted 😊.

This is a shot of us after we got home.  See how tired he looks?! 😫

Yes, I am the one who wants to take all the pictures - He was kind enough to oblige me 😃.
I also promised my son that he could have the little bulbs off my skirt when we got home... Here he is, doing just that!

 Oh!  Here is the dessert I made for the party.  It was supposed to be an appetizer, but I don't do appetizers, I do desserts!

I had to show you some sort of paper craft!  😉 The sign, is so people knew what it was.  When you go to a pot-luck and you don't know what something is...who wants to chance it?  Not me!

I made the candies and candy cane with my Cricut Explore and Design Space with the Simply Charmed and Christmas Cheer cartridges.

Hope you enjoyed it!  Have a very blessed Christmas!!!

Remember: God loves you & Jesus is Lord!

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