Monday, February 20, 2017

35th Anniversary Card! - Coral

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Hi!  Today I have a fun card... at least I think so!  I found out, by way of FB, that it was some friends of mine 35th Wedding Anniversary!  That sent me to seeking out information.

I like to make cards as specific to the person or persons that I can.  I asked myself, "what is the theme of the 35th anniversary?" - I start to google🤔... Coral!  What?  Coral?  How do I pull this one off?  After more time of research, than a person should for a card, this is what I decided to do!

The actual coral is cut out on my Explore Machine, from Design Space, using the Life Is A Beach Cartridge.  The 35 was welded in Design Space, using the CTMH Artbooking Normal Font.  Oh, I added a few embellishments and Pop-ups too!

Even though I usually put a lot of research into my cards and the time can never be's totally worth it!

I hope you enjoyed it!  Have a beautiful day!

Remember: God loves you & Jesus is Lord!

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